Building lasting relationships through communication channels from scratch in the new media.

Social Media

This is where a lot of things are going on and happen all the time. You are either there or not. You have social media accounts but are they the right channels for you? Are you prepared for customer service through this channel? Do you use advertising on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin? We build brand profiles and people, prepare a communication strategy, and implement it. We model the community: graphic designer, copywriter, and community manager.

Public Relation

This is one of our favorite areas. We believe that every press release is like a company’s breath. Direct relations with the media are built in the long term but the investment pays off. We know the ways to effectively distribute information. We work with modern tools, build an up-to-date database of journalists, create catchy content, and monitor the effects. We can deal with the crisis. Also in Polish.

Online and Offline Campaigns

Active marketing is creating your own success. Let’s create a thoughtful tactical campaign plan for you, choose the right media, negotiate satisfying budgets, prepare an advertising creative, combine it with thoughtful verbal communication, and get to work. Let’s prepare for reaction and inquiries. Using multiple channels to reach our potential clients increases the effectiveness of the message.

Internal Communication

The flow of information within an organization has an impact on its integration and efficient operation. Mutual understanding is easier when we know what’s up with colleagues behind the wall, in another ward, or in another country. Companies that are aware of the role of communication in creating organizational culture use the services of ongoing support for internal communication. We use new technologies and individualized processes. We also work in Polish.

Employer Branding

The employee is a reliable company ambassador. Or he is not. A candidate with a choice will decide on better reception conditions. We create a well-thought-out process of designing employee experience throughout the entire employment cycle. From recruitment to leaving. Employee’s well-being takes on new meaning during the period of remote work. It is an opportunity to make work satisfying and make the company a place of fulfillment.

Strategy — Technology — Creative — Marketing —

Let’s Work Together

Let us know what you want to achieve, and we will find the best solution for your business. We have substantial experience in digital services, expert understanding of trends, technologies, and audiences, as well as a strong desire for optimal, futureproof, and mindful results.

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