Trigger the desired emotions with the image. Give your brand a visual look.


Being aware of resources, possibilities, industry realities and trends gives good grounding and allows for taking efficient actions. We will build strategies with you with traditional or avant-garde tools. We will support it with a tactical plan and then we can supervise its implementation or implement it with you. We organize data, organize schedules, organize resources. Action in a planned way means security, pleasure, and peace.


Communication, future leadership, multiculturalism, business psychology, emotional intelligence, managerial training, marketing, new media, branding, teamwork, public relation, creative industry – these are the topics we conduct workshops on-site and online. We prepare industry-tailored exercises, also in Polish. We’ve worked with seven world-recognized universities in Poland (including MBA) and Austria.


If you have doubts and an immediate need for support in the area of communication and leadership, you’ve come to the right place. We will check your assumptions, strategy, image, situation, campaign, or job candidate. We are happy to share knowledge, so if you are interested in the short-term support of your team, you can permanently increase its competence. Use mentoring for yourself. We particularly support social economy entities.


Let us implement your strategy. We support many marketers, some for years. Graphic, copywriting, PR, and online activities are managed by the Brand Manager. Such a well-coordinated team can work for your brand. You gain various competencies that one person employed in the marketing department does not have. We will adapt the subscription to your needs. We will use modern communication to work efficiently and quickly.

Marketing Audits

Show us your communication, campaign, website, or strategy and we’ll tell you how it looks from our perspective. We analyze verbal and visual content, persuasion, usability, and efficiency of communication media. We do technical and sales adjustment tests to current market requirements. You will receive from us recommendations of changes in terms of consumer preferences, adjustment, and adaptation to user behavior.

Strategy — Technology — Creative — Marketing —

Let’s Work Together

Let us know what you want to achieve, and we will find the best solution for your business. We have substantial experience in digital services, expert understanding of trends, technologies, and audiences, as well as a strong desire for optimal, futureproof, and mindful results.

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